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Making the Case for Peace in Cities: Halving Urban Violence by 2030


Meadow Room


Roundtable Organizers:



  • Madeline Rose, Director, +Peace Coalition, Alliance for Peacebuilding

  • Rachel Locke, Director of the Impact:Peace Initiative, Kroc School, Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego 









With a focus on strategically aligning the peacebuilding, mass violence prevention, and urban violence prevention communities on evidence and advocacy to build peaceful cities and halve urban violence by 2030, this roundtable is co-organized with Impact:Peace and the +Peace Coalition. To realize the ambition of more peaceful, just, and inclusive societies, as articulated in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16, it is essential to consider the role of subnational leaders at the state and city level in significantly reducing all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere. Subnational leaders have an imperative to reduce violence in the immediate term while also addressing the root causes of violence in ways that increase equality and inclusion in their communities.  

To build a successful global campaign to halve urban violence by 2030, the community must be able to answer the question, “So, how do you do it?” The focus of discussion is on preparing advocates, experts, and influencers with the evidence needed to improve collective capacity to make the public, political, and policy cases to halve urban violence by 2030 in ways that increase societal resilience, advance equity, and tackle identity-based discrimination.