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Open Source: A Geospatial Ethics Simulation


Jefferson Room










Open source nonproliferation analysts and journalists both seek to enhance the public policy conversation through impactful, accurate, and ethical work. Journalists often rely on analysts to inform their reporting through geospatial and other open source analyses. Analysts often rely on journalists to get analyses to readers, elevate public profiles, and demonstrate the impact of their work. Both analysts and journalists may try to do the right thing and avoid causing undue harm. But who upholds ethical standards in this relationship? And can those standards endure the pressure of day-to-day competition? 


These questions lack easy answers. But by using “Open Source,” an original game modeling the ethical stakes of using open source intelligence for reporting on nonproliferation, players have the chance to reconsider their approaches. Participants play alongside colleagues from the journalism and nonproliferation communities and have discussion sessions in which players can consider challenges, learn about ethical best practices, and collaborate on ways to enhance ethical practices among stakeholders in the field.